Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I'd DIE To Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten asks, "Who are the Top Ten authors you'd DIE to meet?"

10. Stephenie Meyer - The Twilight series is so polarizing; either you love it or you hate it - there's practically no middle ground. I happen to be on the Love It side of that equation; the books (and even the movies) are my guilty pleasure. However, I'd love a chance to sit down with Ms. Meyer and ask her what in the name of naming was she thinking when she selected Renesme for the vampirelette?

9. Sarah Addison Allen - Ms. Allen writes truly lovely books. They make me feel like there really is a little magic in the world, I just have to find it. Someone who can create such beautiful stories is someone I'd love to have 'round to tea.

8. Sarah MacLean - I read Ms. MacLean's Nine, Ten, and Eleven books in quick succession and I want a chance to ask, beg, plead for a new book asfastasshecan!

7. JK Rowling - The first of the initialled authors on my list (and the only one still living...). Not only am I a major fan of the Harry Potter books (I'm still sad I never got my own Hogwarts letter), as a girl who'd someday like to write books and is looking for a job in a library, I find JK to be an inspiration. First, she got a whole generation of kids excited to read, and that's amazing in and of itself, but she was also incredibly successful in the process. I want to be JK when I grow up...

6. CS Lewis - My favorite books as a kid were the Chronicles of Narnia. I would read them over and over, and if I could, I'd shake the hand of the man who made reading such a delight.

5. JRR Tolkien - I want to live in Middle Earth. Tolkien's intricate descriptions, with everything thought out in minute detail, makes it feel like I could close my eyes and enter that world. Reading his books is a truly magical experience.

4. Jasper Fforde - Mr. Fforde's alternate reality/book world Thursday Next series is beyond amazing. He's a brilliant author, but I truly appreciate how clever a wordsmith he is. Utterly fantastic.

3. Dawn French - Whilst she's an actress and comedienne first, Ms. French is also an author. She's the kind of woman you wish you could invite out to drinks and just listen to stories about her life. Did you know she snogged Johnny Depp?

2. Charlaine Harris - I'm hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse series, particularly any scene involving Eric (book 4 is my favorite). If I met Ms. Harris, maybe she could introduce me to Alexander Skarsgard...

1. Gail Carriger - I adore her Parasol Protectorate books and I'm excited to say that she follows me on Twitter and actually responded to me a couple of times! It made my bookish heart go all aflutter! It's a major step to really meeting someone on this list. Maybe one day we can talk Steampunk over a cuppa.

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