Sunday, June 7, 2009

Odds and Ends, Bits and Bobs

This post is about nothing in particular, just a few little tidbits about moi.

My grad school application is officially complete and IN!

This weather makes me happy. I don't really like the outdoors, but I'm really enjoying being outside in weather this gorgeous.

I have longed, since I was little, to be able to raise a single eyebrow. Unfortunately, this was not a genetic gift. I can roll my tongue, but not that. So many emotions can be displayed with an eyebrow lift. Disdain, disbelief, and even come hither. Alas, I have to show these feelings with my words. "Hey you, come hither please. Thanks."

I don't know which scares me more: spiders or speaking in public. It's a toss up.

There are several famous people who I know, if only we met, we'd totally be BFFs: Lauren Graham, Cat Deeley, and Kristin Johnson are just a few of them.

If I could do anything (had the physical ability and talent, which I don't), I would be a singer or dancer...or both (that is, if that pesky fear of speaking/performing in public didn't get in the way).

I like the outcome of baking, the eating and feeling of accomplishment at something I created, but I don't know if I could make it more than a hobby, though I've thought about it. As with most crafty-type projects, I lose steam after a while.

Hmm, that's all I have for now. Now tell me something about yourself!


  1. your dry humor cracks me up :)

    You should totally keep up the baking - we could have a craft/bake sale and rake in the bucks! ;)