Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garden Update

Here are some more pictures of the garden. In my last post, the pictures were from right after the veggies were planted. The pictures below are how they look today. We will be having a fresh salad soon!

In this picture, the hanging pots contain herbs: rosemary and thyme. The box in the back contains two types of lettuce. The box in the front has teeny little broccoli starts.

The Topsy Turvy on the left has a cucumber plant, while the right one has a tomato plant.

The giant leafy plant is squash taking to it is another tomato plant (Mom loves tomatoes; me, not so much.)

We have lavendar and sage in the back. Celantro and oregano in the teeny purple pots below them. To the left, middle, we have green peppers. The bottom left has strawberries (yay!). The bottom right is a variety of herbs - two types of basil, celantro, and parsley.

And yes, I had to ask mom (again) to tell me what was in all the pots in order to have an accurate post here ;) I love our little patio garden! It's so pretty, and soon it will feed us :)

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