Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Audio Book Review: Unbreakable

Unbreakable (The Legion #1) 
By Kami Garcia
Story: ***
Narration: **

“You guys showed up in my bedroom out of nowhere, shot my cat with a gun that looked like something from a video game, and told me that a demon’s trying to kill me. Want to explain how you could possibly know that?” 
Jared looked over at me. “Because our family has been fighting his army for over two hundred years.” --Kami Garcia, Unbreakable 
Oh the melodrama! How the mere sight of a bit of skin or the breath of a touch can send young Kennedy's heart into palpitations! She's in the middle of a fight against a demon, but she's consumed with thoughts of boys (Twins! One dark and broody, one kind and sensitive!). She's being dragged along with a group of teens who make her feel welcome and part of the family, and yet she feels like she doesn't belong! Our hero and our heroine shoulder the blame for everything, even things they had no control over! It really didn't help that I was listening to the audio version of the book and holy-angst-Batman! it was read with that breathy woe-is-me voice throughout and I just couldn't take it.

Pros: Cool sort of treasure hunt to find the pieces of a mysterious artifact that's supposed to help them in the fight against evil. Puzzles to solve and a quest!

Awesome 15-year-old inventor kid nicknamed Priest.

Ghost busting.

Cons: See first paragraph ;)

Too much angst and melodrama.

Love triangle, particularly one where the participants have known each other less than a week.

This book had a lot of potential. I think if there had been more focus on the quest and ghost busting and less on the luurrve triangle, and that the icky-love-stuff had time to believably develop, this book would have been much better.

Bonus(?) factor: Wincesters! I love me some Supernatural, and Unbreakable seems influenced by that world. Jared resembles the Dean character and Lucas resembles Sam, more so in the beginning at least. Luckily for the characters in this book, they don't have to salt and burn the bodies to get rid of the ghosts! Unfortunately for them, Sam and Dean never fought over the same woman, and these poor saps do.

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