Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: A Girl's Guide to Vampires

A Girl's Guide to Vampires  (*****)
by Katie MacAlister

From Goodreads:
"On a visit to the Czech Republic, Joy Randall (a skeptic of all things paranormal), is suddenly thrown into the dark, dangerous world where vampires known as Dark Ones stalk the night. Armed with nothing more than a wicked sense of humor and a bag of rune stones, Joy does her best to untangle the threads involving a serial killer, vampires (both real and pretend), and the handsome, mysterious man who may or may not be what he appears." 

From me: 
I picked up this book with high expectations. My friends who recommended it told me how much they loved it and how they laughed out loud throughout. I don't know why, but the book just didn't do it for me. If it wasn't for the fact that my friends recommended it so highly, I probably wouldn't have finished it. That, and once I got far enough in, I really did want to know how the story ended - I'd gotten that far, I had to know what happened, dang it.

There certainly were some funny moments (something I've been looking for in my books lately), but I got so frustrated with Joy, who bordered on a heroine who's "Too Stupid To Live" (I have an issue with non-sleuthy characters trying to be sleuthy), that the humor couldn't save the story for me.

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