Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's (not) Monday - What are you reading?

Ok, I found this from Book Journey through Super Librarian's blog, and it looked like Super Fun :)

It's not Monday anymore, but close enough - I just found this today and I wanted to play.

I finished: Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer's new paranormal romp Wild Ride. I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars (*****). It probably would have managed a 5 if their Agnes and the Hitman wasn't so completely awesome that few books in this style can compare. For more info, see my earlier blog.

Reading: Darklight, by Lesley Livingston. Book 2 in the Wondrous Strange series. A YA novel about a girl who finds out she's literally a faerie princess. Adventure and Shakespeare ensue. Book #1, Wondrous Strange, has a nice mix of levity, action, and drama. The story didn't grasp me right away, but it had me hooked when the horse took up residence in the heroine's bathroom. I enjoyed the mix of folklore, fairy stories, and Shakespeare - and since I'm also a big fan of A Midsummer Night's Dream, I definitely liked the connection here. (*****)

To read: Depends on what I'm in the mood for. The contenders:
Shades of Grey, by Jasper Fforde
Ella Minnow Pea, by Mark Dunn
Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd
The Uncommon Reader: A Novella, by Alan Bennett

How about you? What are you reading???

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  1. Yay!
    The Wondrous Strange series sounds interesting...I'll have to add it to my list of books to read. I mean, there are only 200+ books on it currently, what's a few more? haha.

    I'm reading the books listed on my blog and I picked up a few YA books at the library today...The Chocolate War and Forever.