Thursday, February 18, 2010

Betty White!

Ok, this has nothing to do with anything, particularly class related stuff. But I had this dream the other morning, and it was cool enough that I wanted to document it in cyberspace.

I was at a strip mall and Betty White was leaving a store at the same time I was getting ready to get in my car. Though she had a car, she seemed tired, so I offered to give her a ride. She accepted.

As we were driving down this hilly road to her apartment (it was fall, all the leaves were orange and red, and it looked like it had just rained - very pretty), we passed by this house or compound or...something...and we heard gunfire. I looked and saw Pierce Brosnan (a la The Thomas Crown Affair, not Bond) running away from the area (in a gray suit). Apparently the Feds were closing in.

Betty and I get to her apartment, which is a tiny little place with knick-knacks and kitchy stuff, with a green putt-putt grass-type carpet (which I understood that she'd had for years - the apartment, not the carpet, but I guess that, too - but didn't care to move, even though she could afford a nicer place). It seemed like an old-lady apartment and, though not seen, that there must be a cat in residence, too. I realize that Pierce has somehow followed us, and in a moment of consciousness I realized this was a dream and I would prefer that Pierce change to Gerard Butler - which he does for a time. So now the authorities are at Betty's place, asking questions in their full SWAT gear, and Betty's making tea. Gerard is now Rock Hudson and is skulking around in the parking lot and in the neighboring apartment, but I don't snitch, because I think he might be ok.

Then I hear a noise (in real life) and realize it's past time to get up, so there ends the dream. Then last night I dreamt of zombies. Apparently that Benadryl is doing more than helping my congestion!

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  1. I think it's in the air, because I've been having strange dreams too. Though none with Betty White.